Your place, in Milan.

Homizy is not just a building, but a real community of people who believe in the value of sharing. The offer includes the rental of apartments or rooms with common areas such as the living area, the fitness area, the co-working area and much more. Not just a simple co-living, but an experience that provides 360 students with workshops, events and initiatives tailored to the interests and needs of co-residents.


These are the three words that characterize the proposal Homizy, a place to live and implement, through services and activities of Empowerment, their professional skills where they can find inspiration for future and human projects, creating at the same time a connection with other young professionals who reside in the structure where the meeting takes place through a network that feeds both online and offline.

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Homizy is a smart building focused on sustainability. Respect and protection of the environment are the watchwords of building. As for the other paths also the empowerment for the environment goes through the co-creation of online and offline activities.

All this in one place.